A-Z services package

Our A-Z package is our most comprehensive option, in which we assist our clients throughout every step of their immigration procedure. Here are the keys steps that this option comprises:

  1. Comprehensive initial evaluation of your profile. This will enable us to determine the Canadian immigration category that is best for you.
  2. Selection of the optimal immigration procedure. If several categories apply to your situation, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each category and choose, with you, the one that fits you best.
  3. Establishment of an “entry strategy” for candidates not qualifying immediately for permanent residency.
  4. Establishment of a list of the necessary and advisable supporting documents to your application, as well as an organizational and presentation template of your supporting file.
  5. Full completion of your application package, and final vetting from you.
  6. Filing of your application under the I-Bureau representation to the competent authorities (CIC – Provinces – Embassy). The I-Bureau will be your representative in Canada.
  7. Close follow up of the ongoing administrative process of your application.
  8. Reporting to the client on the application status, the timing of the procedure and other relevant information.
  9. In the case of unduly delays or complications, access to the Canadian visa officer notes through the Access to Information Act procedure.
  10. While your procedure is on-going, providing you with resources on the Canadian job market.
  11. While you procedure is on-going, providing you with free online practice test and online lessons to help you pass the IELTS test.
  12. If need be, preparing you with mock interviews for the interview with the immigration officer.
  13. When the visas are delivered, congratulating you!

For temporary residency files (work permits, study permits, renewals, etc.), the I-Bureau will fill in and complete your application, forward it to the adequate authorities, obtain information on its follow up, etc.