About us

The I-Bureau is the first online only immigration solutions provider for people interested to visit, work, study or immigrate to Canada. The I-Bureau team also caters the needs of Canadian companies, post-secondary institutions and local authorities who wish to recruit specific individual profiles throughout the world.

The I-Bureau team is made of Canadian certified immigration consultants and of dedicated recruitment and establishment specialists. The members of our team are former Canadian immigrants who have gone through the process of immigrating and integrating in Canada. Because of its light structure and online platform, the I-Bureau is delivering excellent service at competitive rates.

Our founder is Benoit André, an immigrant to Canada and now a citizen of this country. Before immigrating to Canada, Benoit was a lawyer at the bar of Brussels (Belgium), as well as a lawyer at the bars of Paris and Limoges (France). Benoit was also a legal manager for several international companies. He has lived in Belgium, France, Argentina, Brazil and Canada. Benoit came to Canada and became Executive Director for several non profit organizations, the last one being a multicultural establishment center. During his tenure in this organization, Benoit soon learned about the misfortunes of numerous wrongly advised immigrants, paying excessively high fees to lawyers or immigration consultants for low quality services.  He decided to act on it.



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