No-one wishes to spend too much money on consultant fees, yet for a matter as important as immigration, working or studying in a new country, we all want to make sure that we play our cards right and do not miss on any opportunity. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are dealing with a registered and experienced professional.

The I-Bureau offers the following services:

  • The Online consultation

We offer an initial online consultation via skype or phone.  During this appointment, our consultants will assess prima facie the possibility for you to immigrate/work or study in Canada, and will answer the specific questions that you may want to ask.

  • The A-Z Option

If you want us to take care of your overall application and of its follow-up process, this is the comprehensive option to choose.   We provide you A to Z services.

  • The SOS Option

If you decide to fill your application by yourself to minimize your costs at the most, but still wish to obtain a professional second opinion on it, consider our SOS (Second Opinion Services) option as our best value option.

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