Quality guarantee

While a quick internet search will show you that the I-Bureau is one of the cheapest immigration services providers that exists (if not the cheapest), this advantage does not come at the expense of the quality of the services delivered.

The I-Bureau Quality Guarantees:

1. The I-Bureau is staffed with regulated immigration consultants, trained and experienced. We have several years of experience in immigration settlement, have worked with Provincial governments and have a legal background.

2. Our immigration consultants are members in good standing of the ICCRC.

3. The I-Bureau and its members are subjected to the ICCRC code of conduct.

4. All files are evaluated and assessed by regulated immigration consultants, and not by unqualified sub-contractors.

5. The I-Bureau will not introduce a procedure on your behalf if it is clear that it is hopeless. If the I-Bureau agrees to act on your behalf in an immigration procedure, it is only because, based on the documents that you have submitted, there is a realistic chance of positive outcome for your file.


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