There are several potential procedures to reunite families in Canada. The I-Bureau can help you in all these procedures.

  • Sponsorship

The federal sponsorship program allows any Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor his/her spouse, dependent children and other eligible family members. Sponsorship requirements were tightened in recent months. There is for example a cohabitation requirement of 2 years for the newlyweds. In addition, if you want to sponsor a family member who is not eligible for the federal program, it is possible to turn to provincial programs sponsorships.

Federal sponsorship is a lengthy and heavy process. It is a twofold proceedings initiated by the sponsor in Canada and by the sponsored person from abroad.  Since 2011, it is no longer possible for a Canadian resident to sponsor parents or grandparents. But parents or grandparents can apply for ‘super visa’.

  •  The Super Visa

Open to parents and grandparents, the super visa allows them to stay in Canada for stays of up to two years without having to renew their status. However, strict conditions must be met to obtain a super visa: medical examination, financial commitment of the children, medical insurance, etc.

  •  Adoption

Canadian parents adopting a child abroad will need to go through immigration or citizenship procedures for their child, in addition to the adoption process as such.