Fees and market prices

The I-Bureau, an online immigration services provides, offers very competitive rates, ranging well below the average market asking price, without loosing on the quality of its services. Check our Fee comparison 2013    

Because we are an online only company and have designed our work environment to minimize all related costs, we are proud to deliver excellent immigration services at a fraction of the market price charged by similar companies. On average, our fees are between 20 and 60% cheaper than elsewhere! If you are unable to make a payment from your area, due to payment provider restrictions you can also mail a money order through Western Union.

Furthermore, we offer different levels of services, tailored for everyones needs and means.

  • The online consultation

We offer an initial online consultation via skype or phone.  During this appointment, our consultants will assess prima facie the possibility for you to immigrate/work or study in Canada, and will answer the specific questions that you may want to ask. These consultations are for a maximum of 30 minutes and cost $50. If you later choose the A-Z option with us, we will deduct the online consultation $50 from your fees.

  • The SOS option

Our SOS option offers the second opinion of a professional to those wishing to undertake their immigration procedure independently.  The cost of this service, varies according to the type of procedure. For an immigration procedure, it is $150. For study, work permits, restoration of status or permit renewals, the cost is $100. Feedback for all procedures is received within 48 hours of the submission of all your documents. We also offer an express 24 hours SOS option at $200.

  • The A-Z option

This is our comprehensive services option, where we take care of all the aspects of your file.  Check our Fee comparison 2013 to compare our fees with conventional market prices.

Visitor Visa: $200

Student permit: $250

Work permit (with or without LMO – not low skilled): $1000

Permanent residency – Federal skilled Worker: $1300

Permanent Residency – Canadian Experience Class: $1000

Permanent Residency – Federal Skilled Trade: $1250

Permanent Residency – Family sponsorship: $1300

Permanent residency – Federal entrepreneur/self employed: $2800

Live-in Caregiver (visa application, PR excluded): $800

Provincial nominee programs: $1300

Investors (federal and provincial) – Minimum services: $4000 – 6000

Entrepreneur (federal and provincial) – Between 1300 and 5000$

Citizenship procedure: $500

Status restoration: $300