Help to find a job in Canada

It can be very difficult to find a job in Canada, especially from abroad.  Nobody can do it for you but you might want help to maximize your chances to land the job you want.

At the I-Bureau, we provide a number of personalised services in employability, which will accompany you throughout your job search, and ensure that you will have the highest chances to get the job that you want in Canada. We work with you as your ‘Canadian Job Coach’. Here are some of the services that we may offer:

  • Personalized job strategy coaching
  • Informing you on Canadian job offers
  • CV review, suggestions and writing, so it fits with canadian forms
  • Cover letter review, suggestions and writing
  • Updating and enhancing your employability social media tools
  • Conducting mock interviews
  • All of the above in English or/and French

A general note on the relation between working and immigrating to Canada: Permanent immigration to Canada is easier for those who already have work experience in Canada. Obtaining a work permit can be a good step for anyone wishing to immigrate to Canada, and who may not meet the initial requirements.