Canada is one of the only countries in the world still open to immigration.  Each year, this amazing country welcomes more than 250.000 newcomers, from all over the world. Nevertheless, immigration to Canada is becoming more and more difficult, as conditions have substantially tightened in recent years. Increasingly, Canada has chosen to strongly favor economic immigration. This means that certain skilled workers and businesses will be favored, in an effort to promote the vitality of the Canadian economy.

The Canadian immigration procedure may appear as complicated and overwhelming for the prospective immigrant. Indeed, there are over 50 different procedures to choose from in order to immigrate to Canada.  For example, there are federal and provincial programs, each with specific procedures to follow and requirements to meet. Identifying the right procedure can be a difficult choice for the prospective immigrant, and this choice will have substantial consequences on the outcome and length of one’s Canadian immigration process. The I-bureau can help you at every stage of the procedure, to maximize your chances of getting where you want and when you want it.

We will assess your specific situation and determine the strongest and fastest immigration procedure for you. We offer a tailored service whereby we assist our clients according to their needs. Because the I-Bureau is online-only, we provide these services for a fraction of the price charged by the industry. Our fees are considerably cheaper, yet we still offer a trusted, high quality, certified ICCRC service, and with our guarantees of services. For more information on the I-Bureau services and fees, visit this page.