Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is directly inspired by our founders’ experience as immigrants and Immigrant Welcoming Center Managers. Having experienced first-hand the immigrants’ journey, we wanted to offer to others what we would have found useful, and hadn’t been able to find, throughout our immigration procedure.

As a result, the I-Bureau operates under the following principles:

  • Clients at the I-bureau are not just clients; they are also our future neighbors and countrymen.
  • Immigration consultancy fees should not be insurmountable obstacles for people wanting to live, work or study in Canada.
  • Clients are entitled to expect imaginative and creative solutions from the I-bureau. If there is a way to make a procedure work, we must search and find it.
  • We owe our clients a right to truth. If we are of the opinion that the procedure is not going to be successful, we will not process it.
  • We understand that immigration procedures may be stressful and difficult. We therefore make every effort to engage in sustained communication with our clients.