The Entry Strategy

The Entry Strategy program is devised for persons who, according to current immigration regulations, do not qualify for permanent residency under any existing programs.

Immigration to Canada is becoming more difficult for a majority of persons. The Government of Canada has recently tightened the rules and is focusing on economic immigrants that have either a job offer in Canada or have a very specific educational and professional background.

For a growing number of people, immigrating to Canada is no longer an easy, straightforward procedure. It is a step by step process that entails using existing procedures to bolster one’s permanent immigration prospect. In other words, one can improve his/her chances of a successful application little by little, by undertaking relevant immigration steps.

This is why the I-Bureau offers the ‘Entry Strategy’ program to its clients.  Under this program, the I-Bureau will devise personalized strategies for its clients that do not qualify under the current conditions for permanent residency. This program thus offers a proactive way to literally build a successful application, and to improve their permanent residency prospects.

At the I-bureau, we do not proceed with applications that have no chances of success, and wait to see if the immigration rules will change some day, as many of our competitors do. We work proactively to adapt and improve our client’s files, in order to reach their immigration goal.

Example: Client X is not able to immigrate under any of the permanent residency programs. Although client X is a trained nurse, his education is not recognized in Canada.  For client X, one of the potential Entry Strategies would be to apply for a study permit in Canada, to train in Canada as a nurse, and to obtain an offer of employment or a post-secondary work permit, thereby qualifying for the ‘Canadian Experience’ Class, which will in turn allow client X to gain permanent residency.

The I-Bureau Entry Strategy will provide you with:

  • One or several Entry Strategy options, depending on your situation;
  • A Strategy to implement these options. This may entail: post-secondary education suggestions; colleges programs suggestions; professional bodies certifications; work search options and employability consultation; French and/or English education options, etc.;
  • A procedural help on the temporary immigration procedures that your strategy requires.

The cost of the Entry Strategy is included in our general fees for the A-Z option.